How to book Pilates classes at Advanz.

/How to book Pilates classes at Advanz.

How to book Pilates classes at Advanz.

Pilates Bookings

We have not long changed our systems to an online payment system at Advanz. The idea is to make it easier and more autonomous for all our clients to book and schedule there sessions. We DO realise that not everyone is super computer “savie”, so we have a guide below to help you out.

Of course you can call us at any time for help. Don’t let any difficulty here turn you off. Once you get going it is super easy!!


All Pilates classes must now be booked through our web site
Bookings are essential to secure your spot in class

How to book-
Log on to
Click on the timetable tab to pick the class that suits you best
next to the class you would like it will say “book now” – click this

The website will then redirect you to the Mindbody site – if you have not already logged in as a member simply follow the prompts to sign up.

Click on the class you wish to attend and follow prompts through to the payment page – Where you will be required to pay for the class by credit card.

The Mindbody security system is 100% safe and nobody including the staff can access your details.

once you have booked you will receive a conformation email regarding your class. You will also receive a reminder via email and SMS the day before your class.

you have the option to purchase a 1 off class at $40 Reformer $25 Mat or you can choose to purchase our 10 packs $375 for Reformer and $215 for Mat.

Class payment options
Mind body will except all credit debit cards except AMEX

Health Funds
you can still claim reformer pilates through your health fund. Simply ask the staff to issue you with your receipt next time your in clinic and this is all you need to claim.

We understand that you might not always be able to make your class – we simply ask that you let us know with in 24hours if you don’t think you will make your class
All classes that are cancelled with in 24hours will have their v=class credited back to them allowing you to use it for a different time and date.

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